Be it a team of one or one hundred, we plug straight into your business to increase your capacity and capability. Whether you are building a team from scratch or need to augment an existing team we have you covered.

A full team or specific specialist skills

What is Team-as-a-Service?

Team as a Service (TaaS) is where you engage us to provide a dedicated team, partial team or fractional specialist to help you deliver your software products.

It’s an ongoing relationship that can provide enormous benefits throughout its life cycle. TaaS allows you to utilise continuous skills and support to keep your software strategy and product delivery process running smoothly.

It can include anything from building new software from the ground up, to monitoring and maintaining existing platforms, integrating with client systems or accessing specialist skills on an ad hoc basis.

You will work with one of our established teams, where team members have been working together for years. There’s no hiring trial-and-error process, because the collaboration, team building, tools, systems, and processes have already been ironed out. With TaaS, the learning curve is simply getting up to speed on your business objectives and specific requirements.

Design and customise your team

How it works

Discover - Scope - Plan

When we first engage with you, our aim and core focus is on building trust between both our teams and your business.  This usually begins with a series of discovery, scoping and planning workshops, where we get to know your team, your business, and the needs that brought you to partnering with us.

The workshops are designed to unpack challenges, reflect them back, and ensure that everyone is aligned. This process allows us to understand the gaps you currently have and what kind of a team would best suit your specific needs.

Build it Yourself or Build it together

Who is it for?

Fractional or full teams

For businesses that already have internal product delivery capability, TaaS is a perfect option to quickly add additional capacity to an existing team with existing delivery processes.

For businesses with only a partial team on a tight budget it is a perfect way to access experienced team leaders on a part-time (fractional) basis to guide and direct the day-to-day product delivery processes.

You might need many resources to make your team run effectively, but only on a fractional basis:

  • a CTO to help you develop your commercial and technical strategy.
  • a Program or Product Manager to develop your execution plan with light touch oversight thereafter.
  • a UX specialist to engage with your users and customers to help bring your idea to life.
  • a Release Manager to automate your build - test - deploy processes or design resilience into your solution.
  • a Quality Specialist to ensure all quality issues are identified and resolved before release.

Scale up and Down to meet your needs

How flexible is it?

Pay as you go

You can leverage TaaS in a multitude of ways. Your contracted team and the services they’ll perform are calibrated to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Typically this information is gathered during the Scoping and Discovery phase and throughout the engagement as roadmaps and projects are delivered.

You might need a full-time effort for a period of time or just for a short development cycle or sprint. You might need niche healthcare, finance or architecture skill sets or simply a few additional hands on deck to get the job done faster. No matter your needs, your resources will always operate as an extension of your own team.

Speed and quality

Why Team as a Service?


No business or team has every single skillset it needs for every project it faces. TaaS was born out of the need for businesses to quickly access specialist skills and scale up and down their delivery capacity to meet dynamic project demands.  

Dedicated teams or individual specialists make this possible, all while accelerating entire processes, getting products and services to market quicker, and keeping budgets in check.

TaaS allows you to access and consume best practices that improve delivery processes in addition to pinpointing issues and opportunities that internal teams are likely to overlook simply because they see them every day.

In summary, the benefits include:

  • Access to specific skills currently unavailable within the business. Staff augmentation allows managers to add skilled resources to supplement their existing staff.
  • Flexibility and quick response. Managers can use staff augmentation to adapt quickly and create dedicated teams around specific skills, products, or technologies for critical projects or deadlines.
  • Reducing business overhead costs associated with maintaining staff for finite or seasonal projects. Staff augmentation minimises the cost of administrative functions related to payroll, benefits, and unemployment concerns.
  • Saving time. Staff augmentation helps businesses hire more quickly, often within days instead of weeks or months.

Move fast and don't break things

Instant Acceleration

"We needed to accelerate our solution development - in order to meet growing customer demand. Threadable stepped in at short notice to provide the team and skills we needed. "

Mitchell O'Gorman - CEO, xWave Technologies


xWave accessed seasoned professionals with specific healthcare domain experience.

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The software factory

What about quality?


Each of our client engagements is led by senior Program and Technical professionals with decades of experience.  This ensures your team dovetails into your existing product quality and delivery processes.  

Where your product delivery processes are informal or yet to be defined, we offer our ISO 27001 certified Software Factory delivery model as a template suite of automated software delivery processes to ensure the highest quality standards are applied to all deliverables, including:

  • Technical risk assessments for all features.
  • Automating unit and functional tests as features are built.
  • Automated code review with branch analysis and pull request decorations, clear go/no-go quality gate failing pipelines when code doesn’t meet requirements.
  • Review of all submitted code by a Senior Architect to avoid technical debt
  • Manual quality checks on all features
  • Automated build and deployment of features to staging or QA environments.
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Scaling FoodCloud for global reach

FoodCloud attracted global interest but needed to transform their platform. Threadable's solution helped them achieve their global vision to reduce food waste.