Chief Technology Officer As A Service

Technical expertise in the form of a CTO doesn't have to come at a prohibitive cost. Our CTO service gives you the experience and guidance you need without the cost of a full-time hire.


CTO as a Service

Customers using our CTO as a service solution benefit from our experienced voice and and objective perspective. We apply this to their existing products or applications as well as their teams' capabilities and gaps.

Our strategy of developing long term relationships ensures that we are always on hand. We deliver targeted advice with a fresh perspective and understanding of your business, vision and team.

Key areas where we work with you

Alignment and remediation strategies

  • We will work to establish alignment between the product/service/business vision and your technical team.
  • Remediation strategies will be developed and implemented for teams that are not performing or products and projects that are failing.

Collaborative, customer-centric culture

  • Design and build a collaborative culture that positions the customer and its proxy, your business, at the centre.
  • Implement a culture of frequent releases and engagement of the technical team with other teams within the business. For example sales, marketing, operations, or customer success.
  • Implement continuous delivery to ensure products are continuously validated and tested against the customer requirements and made available to the market.

Scalable and agile infrastructure and operations

  • Design and migrate products and services to highly available, scalable and secure cloud infrastructures.
  • Create sustainable operations, processes and standards that are agile and flexible to customer and market developments.
  • Lead and represent your business during technology due diligence from customers, investors and other stakeholders (GDPR, ISO accreditation).
  • Where appropriate we fill skills gaps with our expert team of product managers, architects, developers and quality assurance personnel.

Within your budget and constraints

As part of our work we will create and execute robust roadmaps, budgets and resource plans. We do all this within the context of your existing team, but also within the realities of your budget.

Leaving you stronger

Our service will leave your business and technical team with the capabilities and processes to continue operating in an agile, efficient and predictable way.

In the months and years following our initial engagement we often work with clients in a lighter way. This could involve supporting specific initiatives like tenders, fundraising activities, or mergers & acquisitions. It can also be as simple as offering advice or guidance.

"CTO as a Service was invaluable, including helping us build our technical team - and in addition to technical leadership, stretched naturally into supporting us commercially with both customers and funders. I’d be only too happy to recommend Threadable."

Nigel Rutherford - CEO, Peeled Finance

Are you lacking technical leadership?

Here are the key signs that your company is lacking technical leadership. If you tick one or more of these boxes you need to consider hiring a CTO or using a service such as ours.

Lack of product quality and relevance

  • Products delivered do not meet customer expectations – sometimes they seem to differ significantly from even the simplest of customers’ requirements
  • Product releases are often of poor quality and are regularly delivered outside of plans and budgets
  • Priority features from the business are often not given the appropriate priority by the technology team

Lack of trust between teams

  • There is a breakdown of trust developing between the technical and non technical functions of the business
  • Conflicting requirements and priorities are blamed by the technical team for problems with the system.
  • Other business teams complain they cannot close a deal or achieve their goals and objectives because of delays from tech.

Budgets and plans are rarely met

  • Costs seem to be running out of control and the solution to the problem suggested by the technical team is usually the same : We need more engineers
  • Roadmapped features are often delayed and there is no agreed approach to requesting, scheduling or costing features

Knowledge silos and low team morale

  • Technical knowledge is embedded in a single or small group of engineers and they seem to be the bottleneck for any change to systems
  • People hoard knowledge and are reluctant to relinquish or share their knowledge with other team members
  • New hires fail to become productive leading to low staff moral and increased staff turnover

Case Study

xWave Technologies

xWave wanted to reduce wastage in the radiology workflow. Find out how Threadable helped them to build xRefer, an innovative and disruptive healthcare platform.