International success with Pharmapod

What was delivered

Tactical project recovery plan for existing platform project
Platform redesigned, architected and built to align with European Healthcare standards
Back end platform with integrated workflow booking engine
Migration of customers and service providers to new platform
Robust and efficient product management processes
Agile development methodology with Continuous Integration / Deployment capability

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Client: Pharmapod

Sector: Healthcare

When: Started 2015

Services: Platform & App development / CTO-As-A-Service

Pharmapod is an award winning solution for hospitals, care homes and pharmacies. It helps to reduce patient risk and increase safety with tools to improve processes, give visibility of risks, and reduce medication incidents.


We are proud to have contributed to the success of one of Ireland's most successful healthcare solution providers on the international stage. And we continue to support them as they continue on their growth path.

The challenge

Testing the market

Our relationship with Pharmapod dates back to the beginning of their startup journey. The team had built a minimum viable product (MVP) on a very tight budget. It was used to test market interest in tools to improve patient safety and reduce risk.   


Almost immediately the solution experienced huge demand, which the MVP could not handle. However, it proved there was an appetite in the healthcare industry for Pharmapod's vision. A more robust enterprise solution was now required quickly.

Discovery to roadmap

We engaged in a full discovery phase with Pharmapod and their CEO and founder Leonora O'Brien. 

  • We conducted customer research around Europe with board members from the major care providers and regulators in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Germany.  
  • We then ran intensive workshops and strategy sessions with the Pharmapod Board. 

From this discovery phase we developed a short, medium and longer term roadmap for the technology platform and the business.

The solution

Three phase plan

We decided to address Pharmapod's challenges through a three phased plan. 



The Tactical phase covered the initial three months and allowed us to address immediate challenges. These were to re-architect and build the platform then migrate all existing customers and the backlog of new customers onto it.  



In parallel with the Tactical phase we worked to develop a longer term strategy.  It kick started with face to face customer and sales research, followed by a deep competitor analysis. The result was a strategy for a tiered offering that addressed Pharmapod's core market segments; individual, small chain and enterprise care providers - whilst ensuring compliance with the reporting and information governance requirements of national health regulators.

Fast forward nine months and we launched the Pharmapod Global Reporting and Learning System. This system offers a suite of modules suitable for each market segment.



Equipped with market insights from our work with enterprise players such as Superdrug, Boots, McKessons, NHS and HSE we moved to expand the platform. This included the introduction of many new modules including;

  • Integration with national and international medication databases
  • Clinical environment risk profiling
  • Commercial clinical services to enable the management and delivery of revenue generating services by Pharmapod's customers

Success at scale

The ability of the platform to scale to international markets and to the needs of different geographies is a testament to our base architecture and professional approach to delivering product. This has contributed to Pharmapod's continued success at attracting international investors.

Building capability

Throughout our engagement we developed the internal capability of the Pharmapod organisation. We handpicked and recruited a team of high-calibre technology and product specialists to join and establish a culture of innovation and capability.

The Results

Globally recognised

  • Listed in Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers in Europe - Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine, 2019
  • Pharma Contract Services Company of the Year - Pharma Industry Awards, 2017
  • Emerging Fast Company Finalist - Eir Elevation Awards, 2016

x20 Acquisition growth within 18 months of platform release

10K+ Pharmacist user acquisition

#1 Solution provider in Canada, UK & Ireland

2020 Successful expansion into US market

We have become a go-to place for data. Prior to our platform being developed, a lot of knowledge gained about errors would often stay locked within individual care settings... Now, though, healthcare professionals have a way to share information and better monitor risks in a way that also greatly improves transparency. Threadable have been and continue to be a valuable contributor to our ongoing success.

Leonora O'Brien - CEO

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