Composable lending with Peeled Finance

What was delivered

Digital lending platform to enable non financial businesses to offer financial products to their customers
Phone based Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) features
Backend platform with integrated lending and underwriting engine
Multi-tenant, white labelled solution with customisable user journey
Robust and efficient product management processes
Agile development methodology with Continuous Integration / Deployment capability
Support during investment and enterprise sales processes

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Client: Peeled Finance

Sector: FinTech

When: Started 2018

Services: Platform & App development / CTO-As-A-Service

We designed and built a platform to provide brands with access to a range of unsecured loans and deliver a borrowing experience with speed, simplicity, transparency and ease at its core.

The 100% digital lending journey integrates with retail point of sale purchase journeys, legacy and modern SaaS banking platforms and makes offering and arranging finance simple. A true game changer for retailers, wholesalers and financial institutions.

The challenge

Peeled Finance brought us the type of challenge we love. A vision for a 100% digital, mobile first composable lending platform for the highly regulated finance industry. A platform that would allow any business to design and launch their own lending products. All without being tied to a specific vendor, product or technology.

Integrations and real time solutions

To disrupt the existing paper based finance application journey, the solution for Peeled Finance needed to integrate easily with existing customer purchase journeys, and modern ecommerce and legacy banking platform providers. Key to the sucess of the platform was the integration with best-in-class 3rd party solutions to enable:

  • Fraud detection and risk profiling using thousands of dynamic data points 
  • Integration with Open Banking Standards (PSD2) to instantly verify spending habits and history
  • Underwriting, credit scoring, risk assessment and decisioning
  • Facial recognition and similarity algorithms to determine if a “selfie” matches the customers driving license or passport
  • Document forgery, theft and integrity checks with OCR 
  • Integrated digital car valuations and history checks 
  • Electronic signatures for loan agreements and direct debit mandates
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Compliance and marketing requirements

  • Compliance with banking, GDPR and consumer protection legislation
  • User tracking, analytics and targeted communication with A/B testing to support customer acquisition and funnel management
  • Quick to customise, brand and deploy to different purchasing journeys
  • Simple to integrate to existing ecommerce and finance applications

The solution

Analysis of the status quo

We began with an analysis of the traditional loan finance application process and interfaces for our key users: lenders, underwriters, retailers, end customers.

Solving the puzzle

Then, we used our knowledge of the costs, bottlenecks, and pain points in the loan application journey to identify technologies to solve this puzzle. Our experience of working in regulated industries helped us here. We were able to quickly assemble a shortlist of reputable, best in class, globally proven 3rd party solutions for these individual areas: 

  • Banking 
  • Facial recognition
  • Document integrity and optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Digital and social fingerprinting 
  • Fraud and credit scoring
  • Asset valuation
  • Address verification
  • Digital signatures
  • User tracking and analytics

Project execution tracks

With our research and analysis completed we moved into the project itself. This was executed in three parallel tracks.


  1. Research and development

We used intensive ideation workshops and mini R&D projects to test the technology solutions on our shortlist. This approach delivered multiple working prototypes allowing us to address many of the risks in the project.  


This track fed into the overall architecture of the platform interfaces. As a result Peeled Finance can now offer brands the ability to "plug-and-play" individual components of the solution or replace with existing in-house solutions.


   2. UX Journey Design & Build 

A key constraint was to allow customers to brand, modify and configure the user journey without any code changes to the platform. This would enable Peeled Finance customers to design and build their own user journey with their own corporate identity.  


   3. Core Platform Design & Build

The core platform co-ordinates all of the 3rd party service providers to deliver a seamless end-to-end 100% digital journey for finance applications.


The Results

  • 100% digital loan application journey, covering quotation, underwriting, KYC, AML, real-time digital fingerprinting and fraud/credit scoring, digital signature and receivables management.
  • Project delivered on time and within budget.
  • The solution is being rolled out to over 400 independent financial institutions in Europe.
  • Multi-tenant, multi-brand, multi-lingual, multi-currency ready.
  • A flexible, strong composable lending platform with robust published APIs to enable quick and easy integration with legacy and modern SaaS banking platforms.

100% digital loan application journey

> x15 System integrations with 3rd party systems

100% On time and on budget

400+ independent European financial institutions signed up

Client feedback

Threadable were recommended to us by a high-profile existing client, which gave us a confidence of a strong track record. The Threadable team were involved from day 1 and helped us conceive, design and then architected and built our MVP. We were delighted with the approach and outcome and we continue to develop our product with them.

Nigel Rutherford - CEO, Peeled Finance

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