Scaling platforms with Gudog

What was delivered

Web and Native Mobile Apps (Web, Android, iOS)
Back End Marketplace Platform with integrated workflow booking engine
Migration of customers and service providers to new platform
Implementation of a robust and efficient product management processes
Introduced agile development methodologies with Continuous Integration / Deployment automation

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Client: Gudog (formerly HouseMyDog)

Sector: B2C marketplace

When: Started 2018

Services: Platform & App development / CTO-As-A-Service

Gudog is the 2nd largest pet services platform in Europe with operations in Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. In 2018 we teamed with the start-up to position them for international expansion. We did this by re-architecting and building an automated and intelligent platform and optimising the performance of their team.  

The challenge

An ambition to grow

HouseMyDog was established by two brothers, James and Timothy McElroy as a marketplace where dog owners could find dog sitters for their pets instead of using kennels. In 2017, HouseMyDog received Venture Capital funding to rebuild their prototype technology platform to enable them to scale their business beyond Ireland.

Threadable were recommended to the siblings by their investors as a partner with a track record of building enterprise scale solutions. Their investors believed we were the right choice to enable HouseMyDog to grow their business internationally.

Workshops to analyse and challenge

We kicked off the engagement with a series of workshops. These workshops created space for everyone to work together and explore, analyse and challenge many aspects of the business. By analysing multiple data sources we grew our understanding of how customers used the platform. The key areas we focused on were:

The existing business model

The existing business model and dog owner & service provider acquisition and on-boarding.

Manual interventions

The negative effect of costly and inefficient manual interventions with the existing systems. 

Improved customer experience

How to generate new ideas on how to automate, streamline and improve the experience for owners and service providers. 

Adding value for users

The potential for integrating additional, innovative services into the platform for pet owners and service providers.

The solution

An automated, intelligent platform

Threadable delivered an automated and intelligent platform to allow ths business to scale. This included:

  • Web and Native Mobile Apps (Web, Android, iOS)
  • Back End Platform with integrated workflow booking engine
  • Implementation of robust product management and development policies coupled with security reviews and standards
  • Migration of all data, service providers and owners from the old system to the new platform
  • Strategy advice throughout their merger with Gudog and how to integrate and absorb other systems during their trail of acquisitions 

High performing team

We also helped to create a team within the business that was ready for the challenge of scaling the business internationally. This included:

  • Agile and efficient product management and engineering processes
  • Definition of best security best practices and information governance
  • Continuous Integration and deployment processes and automation
  • Daily features deployment

Streamlined customer experience

Every aspect of the service provider process for joining the platform is now fully automated. This includes verifications, identity checks, document upload and OCR checks. This put an end to inefficient manual interventions  which were slowing the ability of the business to grow and delivering a poor customer experience. 

Data to optimise the business

Dog Owner and Service Provider behaviours in the system are tracked and automatically fed into comprehensive algorithms to enable HMD to identify supply and demand gaps across the marketplace and drive subsequent SEO activities to automatically close the gap and grow the business.

The Results

Increased bookings and growth

Within 1 month of launching the new platform, House My Dog bookings began to increase. Within 6 months they had increased 10-fold.

The time to complete a booking reduced by 80% and the number of booking requests that required manual intervention fell 98%.

The business continues to scale and grow with minimal increases to headcount as the business blazed a trail of acquisitions across Europe.

98% reduction in bookings requiring manual intervention

80% reduction in the time to complete a booking

10x increase in booking within 6 months

Client feedback

The level of service was just far beyond what we could find anywhere else and gave us the ability to scale up the product side of our business really quick.

Timothy McElroy - CEO, Gudog

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