Who we are

To relentlessly pursue excellence in making the pioneering and disruptive visions of our clients a reality.

At Threadable we know that traditional product and engineering teams are not always accustomed to the unpredictable and demanding nature of launching new tech products or businesses. So, we have assembled a team comprising the best architects, engineers and product managers from around the globe - with seasoned professionals leading each of our projects.

Our team approach comprises the best of agile methodologies with the pragmatic urgency and strategic thinking needed for any software project - whether in a tech startup or enterprise organisation.

Our values



We admire our customers and always look for non transactional, long term relationships

What we do

We work with the pioneers, risk takers, innovators and disruptors taking on the next great commercial and technical challenges.

Together with our clients, we conceive and build the next generation of disruptive services. deliver software platforms and apps that are adaptive, flexible and able to evolve to meet your product roadmap. And we help customers with under performing projects to reinvigorate and transform their digital platforms and apps to international customers and markets.

We work with a broad spectrum of startups and established businesses. This includes clients from highly-regulated, competitive industries such as fintech, healthcare/healthtech and B2B/B2C online marketplaces.

Our clients



From micro business to one of the fastest growing pet-tech businesses in Europe.

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how we do it

We build long term, non-transactional, relationships with our clients, many of whom are now global market leaders.

Having blazed a trail in their markets, our clients return to us regularly for advice, opinions and guidance. We are always excited to assist on the next iteration, whether it's a technology roadmap, new architecture or market expansion. We are endlessly curious and welcome opportunities to learn different perspectives.

Our team

Individual freedom and responsibility is at the core of our team. We attract the best talent by giving them the freedom to be creative and flexible. 

We hire engineers, architects and product managers who demonstrate a track record of leadership within projects from kick-off to completion.

Everyone has the freedom to innovate and grow while ensuring they meet their goals, Threadable's goals and most importantly our clients’ goals.

International talent forms a key part of our team with nationalities including Irish, Ukrainian, Polish, Argentinian, British, Spanish and Brazilian.

Mark Kearns profile photo

Mark Kearns

CEO and Founder

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Pablo Sanchez

CTO / Architect

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Padraig Nolan

CTO / Architect

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Tomasz Mrozinski

CTO / Architect